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Heart Classic #501
Welcome to my web-site. My name is Varsha and I am the owner and creator of Ocean Art Jewelry. My tiny studio resides on the magificent slopes of Haleakala Crater on the island of Maui, Hawai'i. Looking year round onto a garden filled with ever changing blooms, I spend my daytime hours weaving bracelets to the peaceful hum of upcountry island life.
Ocean Art Jewelry dedicates its bracelet designs to the intricate art of Nautical Braids, known more familiarly among sailors as 'Fancy Knotting'. During the 18th and 19th Centuries, sailors' exploration of rope-knotting resulted in an historic contribution of almost 1000 fancy knot designs.
Half Round Lace #212
Wave Tapestry #114
Each bracelet I create is a documented and recognizable nautical design. In place of the traditionally used rope, I weave precious metal wires, twisting some and leaving others smooth. I blend the metals and textures to create a multitude of variation in bracelet design. The clasps are uniquely hand finished and no soldering techniques are used. Clasp close-up.
Each bracelet ordered will be sized to fit the individual and all designs are offered in either Sterling Silver of the highest grade or 14K Goldfill, or a combination of both - the latter being a popular choice. Solid 14K or 18K Gold is also an available option for some of the designs. Prices vary according to the metals used.
Celtic Tapestry #417
Below are three examples of the different weaves I create.
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Half Round Rope #307 Lace #206 Wave Tapestry #116
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