Sizing is one of my specialties and it is very easy. To determine your wrist size use a soft tape measure and place it snugly over the wrist bone. With the above information I am able to precisely calculate the final size of the bracelet for a perfect fit.

Halfround Rope SS-GFR

Treat the bracelets as you would any other gold or silver jewelry. If you are not wearing it, keep it in a dry and well ventillated place. You may use any commercial jewelry silver cleaner. My preference is to use a household recipe first: First scrub the piece gently with an old toothbrush and a good grease-cutting dish soap using comfortably hot water to remove any lotion residues that may have accumulated. Rinse well. Line a heat proof bowl with aluminum foil, shiny side out. Fill the bowl with equal parts baking soda and salt. Half a cup each should do. Mix. Now place your bracelet into the bowl, covering it with the dry ingredients. Boil water. When boiling, slowly and carefully pour the water into the prepared bowl. The solution will begin to fizz. By jiggling the bracelet with a fork you can prolong the chemical reaction. Remove from the bowl using your fork or another suitable tool - remember, it is very hot. Rinse and dry. Rub shiny with a polishing cloth.

14K Goldfill

14K Goldfill is not to be confused with electro-plated. The term Goldfill reflects on a process that fuses a solid layer of Gold, in this case 14K, 1/20 by weight, onto the alloy beneath through heat and pressure. It is very user friendly and heavier in true gold weight than most electro-plated items. It will not chip or wear away as is often the case of electro-plated items.